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Style is the perfection of a point of view. 

Gerd Campaert

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Having an eye for beauty is in my blood. As the eldest of six children, I spent most of my time in my parents’ shoe shop. From when I was just seven years old, I accompanied my father to the international shoe exhibition in Düsseldorf. The beautiful styles, the fragrance of freshly tanned leather, the fashion shows on the catwalk: for me it was a great spectacle. I have also made a profession out of my passion for making people beautiful and will pass the baton to the next generation.


For more than 25 years, I have been teaching private persons and professionals to develop an unprejudiced view of what it takes to present oneself well every day, whilst staying true to one’s personality or the image of one’s company. I do this with personal styling and personal shopping, workshops about style and colour advice, interactive presentations and training on the subject of corporate image. My style is soft and direct at the same time. My mission: I want to show you how you can express your personality optimally with colours, form and clever combination tricks. You will learn instantly how you yourself can put together an original top wardrobe. Simply and without stress. 


Taking a fresh look

Knowing what suits you saves you many inappropriate purchases. This not only goes easy on your wallet, but also on people and the environment. I would be happy to teach you to take a fresh look at beauty. I mean that literally, as fashion trends in the world of glasses are my speciality.

I believe in respect for clothing and its manufacturers, I believe in acknowledging quality and expert skills. And I believe in an external appearance that not only reflects your innermost being, but also expresses it in the most beautiful way possible. What is beautiful and what is not is in the eye of the beholder. For me, it means to feel good and look good, and especially to know who you are and what suits you and what does not. I do not believe in the blind following of trends, for me it is about the knowledgeable purchasing of high-quality clothing that suits your personality, your appearance and your lifestyle. This also means combining the items of clothing cleverly and using the right accessories and makeup. This allows you to keep inventing a new look and to present yourself well, without having to go shopping every month


A perfect fit 

My job still fits me like a glove, even after a quarter of a century: its variety, its creativity and interpersonal contact are tailor-made for me. In Belgium, I was a pioneer in the work with colours. I worked for major fashion labels, I was allowed to clothe politicians, I had my own perfume shop and I held workshops for international customers, including at the Cannes Film Festival.

Now that my great professional dreams have been fulfilled, I harbour the wish to add a couple more fulfilling years to this beautiful story. For me there is nothing more enjoyable than to be able to use my specialist knowledge and experience so that people step outside with a new look and greater self-confidence.


I am also creative outside of my profession, including at the Academy of Fine Arts. Modelling was always one of my dreams, and dreams are there to be realised.


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– Styling –

Enjoy a unique colour and style experience together with colleagues, friends, or family members.

Styling programmes for companies and shops on a reservation basis.

– Makeup –

Apply the perfect makeup yourself step by step, with the help of a qualified beautician.

A makeup course for women of all ages, with their own taste and style.

At the end of the workshop you can do it all by yourself!


The best clothing is invisible, as it ensures that one sees the person.

Katharine Hamnett

– Personal styling –

A new relationship, a new job, an intention to assert oneself better among colleagues, an emotional event, the start of a new life, a couple of kilos more or a couple of kilos less. 


Clothes make people, men and women, but often they also lend a boring, or else a dynamic and creative appearance. This also applies to a haircut or glasses frames.


Styling comprises colour and style consulting:

  • While we are getting acquainted, we discuss your personal style.

  • General introduction to “the language of colours”

  • Individual colour analysis and composition of a personal colour palette.

  • Personal clothing style and clothing advice based on your personality and lifestyle. You learn to apply these insights when selecting styles, fabrics, accessories, glasses frames etc.

Dress code determination: when do you dress formally and when casually.

An image consultation is an investment that is paid back through compliments about your appearance, through greater self-confidence, and not least through the avoidance of unsuitable purchases.


– Personal update –

Times are changing. You have always felt comfortable with your clothing style, but then all of a sudden…

Perhaps your current fashion image does not suit you?

It can happen that your figure or your colour type are not shown to advantage in a certain type of fashion. It then comes down to creating one’s own colour and style personality within this type.

Perhaps grey hair is playing a role? Has your figure changed? Note that if the relationship between your hair colour and skin colour has changed, your personal colour spectrum can also change. Maybe you need several or other colours in your palette. Have your life circumstances or family situation changed?


During a two-hour consultation, we take your new life situation as a starting point. Based on a requirement analysis, we look together for the colour and clothing style that optimally suit your personality and your new needs.


The personal update is the moment when you get to know yourself better and rediscover yourself.


– Personal shoppen –

This offer gives you the opportunity to shop in a targeted manner with expert advice. While shopping and trying clothes on, you are supported and advised regarding colour choice, cut, style and accessories. We will teach you the knack of combining. You of course decide yourself what to buy.

Gerd Campaert



Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.